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10 Things That Will Improve Your Life in 2023

It's time to stop feeling the ice block in your pants that is rejection.

The start of the new year is a big opportunity.

Yes, just the dates change, humans still do it artificially. But  this time of year, our minds are more open to introspection than usual.

Here are some key upgrades to consider for 2023.

People will definitely think you are unmanned.

I hate 2023 Change the way you introduce yourself. I  tell strangers that I run a small online academy for hobbyists.

Hopefully people don't misunderstand me too much. Give it a try. Do not introduce yourself by your job title or  business you own.

"I am Peter,  father of four from Frankfurt.

Expected recession

I am an investor...and I am a natural optimist.

But the data lie not. Politicians and economists like to debate whether we've entered a recession in 2022, but it could be (again) next year.

In any case, if it's winter, it's easier to enjoy it in winter. I'm anticipating a recession, so my income expectations have eased. It gives me the rest I need.

The best part is that the recession is the best investment time of all time.

Adopting the 10X Rule

This rule came from controversial entrepreneur Grant Cardone.

He's an English breakfast He's not good for tea, but his point is really admirable. To reach his goal, he will have to work ten times longer and ten times harder than he thinks. But the result is 10x to 100x bigger.

I write like this. Being committed to writing means doing more research and reading more books than you are comfortable with.

But I don't want to stray from or fail in my goal of reaching millions of people and one day becoming a book writer. Many of you reading this have the same opportunity.

10X Wagon.

Rejected more often

How can I know I'm stuck in his 2022 comfort zone? light.

  • When was the last time you failed?
  • How many potential employers have you turned down?
  • How many online publications have your content been rejected?
  • When did you say "give me money"?

The rejection rate is the same as the growth rate. It's time to get more nos to feel the ice blocks in my panties being rejected.

Experiment with frugality.

I don't own anything fancy, and I don't live in a fancy house. My wife and I self-cate and cook 99% of our meals at home. No maid or butler wipes our butts after we poop.

The satisfaction that this level of satisfaction gives us is difficult to describe. It just good Try to live for less than you earn.

Zoom out on different areas of your life and notice the changes. Save money by going back with your parents.

Minimalism isn't as popular as it used to be. He predicts he will make a comeback in 2023 because of the recession.

More family time

I am now a dad. 

My daughter is old enough to start seeing people's faces. She also laughs a lot. Each of these moments is pure gold to me.

It's better than watching someone else's life on a screen or taking a million vacations to a tropical paradise.

I also have old parents. Right now it's clear they don't live forever, and the days we spend together are limited. Invite.

By 2023, spend an extra hour a day with your family. Notice if you feel different and more connected.

10 Best Friends and Deeper

When her daughter was born in

2022, she was surprised to see friends who were paying attention and friends who weren't.

Some people I've known in my life never even sent a nice text message or stopped by to see my daughter.

In 2021, I witnessed a grave tragedy. And in 2011, when I lost everything, the same recurring theme reappeared:

2023 more time with her 10 best friends who are always there for me in good times and bad. spend I stop trying to build many relationships with other people. They are all superficial because they give little meaning to my life.

It will be interesting to see what happens if we stop wasting time with our best friends and invest more in their friendships instead. person and do not think long-term about the impact on their lives.

Stay away from this unique type of short-term thinker

At work, I often meet unfriendly people. 2023 will take out the trash.

I won't interfere if someone wants to lose their reputation. If someone wants to write another XYZ is dead article, get them short term clicks and make them look like dicks.

No sighted person wastes time throwing mud at strangers on the side of the road to make them feel better.

Less clapping, quieter.

Get around 1-2 people who break your definition of reality

I tend to think I'm too small often.

What broadened my thinking were two crazy people who were clearly different. Much of what they say seems out of control. But some things they said helped me come out of my shell.

I tend to set goals for his 5 years. One of these madmen said, "Why didn't he achieve that writing goal in six months?" did. In 2023, I will be adding two more of these wildcats to my inner circle. you can too. Or add at least two virtual versions that you follow on social media.

Turning lives into video games

When I worked for a technology company, I was amazed at how effective gamification can be in maximizing the performance of software developers.

Gamification works because you level up, get numerical scores for leveling up, go on quests/missions, and play cool characters.

In 2023, I will (finally) bring gamification into my life. you can too. Because when life feels like a game, it's more fun to play.

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