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3 Easiest Ways to Start a Faceless YouTube Channel in 2023

Not good with cameras?

Faceless YouTube
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Don't want to stand in front of the camera or speak on video? Consider starting a faceless YouTube channel.

Apart from not being seen in movies, faceless YouTube channels have a few other benefits:

  1. It takes less time to create a video No fancy equipment required
  2. It takes less time There are
  3. 1 million and 1 niches to create videos so you can publish more often
  4. Templates can be used to easily automate the process

3 Easiest Ways to Start a Faceless YouTube Channel in 2023 Let's find out how.

Compilations and Slideshows

Nothing new, but 2023 is still going strong. The compilation has been on YouTube ever since...well, since YouTube came out.

The idea is simple. Create a compilation of short video clips on any topic you like. It can be anything. actually. everything.

And it doesn't have to be an edit of a video clip. You can also create a simple image slideshow. This is probably the easiest way to create an edited video.

What you need?

  1. App for creating photo slideshows. You can use free tools like Google Presentations or Apple Keynote for this. Alternatively, you can use Microsoft PowerPoint. 
  2. Simple video editing software. Any free tool is fine. I use iMovie on my Mac. 
  3. Music. The YouTube Audio Library has many royalty-free tracks.


Wondering how many views you can get with a simple picture slideshow? Well, if you're really lucky, you could hit a jackpot like the next channel. The video below alone has over 6 million views, so be sure to check it out. And this is the most basic of basic image slideshow.

By the way, if you want to know how much money this channel made from this video, you can use this calculator. Note that this is an estimate, not an actual number. But in this case, one slideshow can cost you $12,000.


No, it's not what you see on Google.

There are tools you can buy to quickly create Doodle videos, which are short animated video sequences on various topics.

Priced at $67, it's a bargain if you're thinking of what you can do with it. See it in action here.

Well, with this type of video, it would be better to have a comment. I can do it without speaking, but I think it works better with comments.

What do you need?

  1. Doodly
  2. Scripts to read
  3. Basic editing software to combine video and audio

Data Visualization Blossom

This is my personal favorite way to create faceless channel videos.

a) It takes a little more work than the previous two because you have to find, collect,  organize your data to use it, and

b) learn  Flourish tools (free).

I have written about Flourish several times in the past, most recently he wrote to.

Flourish is abused on YouTube in several ways. The most notable is the 'Bar Chart Race'. you shouldn't go with that. Read the post above to see other use cases.

What do you need?

  1. Flourish
  2. Data on interesting topics
  3. Flourish A simple video editing software that combines output with music or narration


As an example, here is one of my own small experiments. You can see how Flourish works in the video below. I created a timeline using the Line Chart Race visualization. It looks much more complicated than it actually is.

Well, just like Doodly, I think this would work a million times better with comments.


Certainly it has become difficult to make on YouTube. Here's why:

  • Most niches are saturated
  • Getting started can seem daunting
  • Making videos usually takes a lot of effort, time and skill
  • Competing with incredibly talented creators
  • Can't get rewards for a long time (worst case scenario).

But it is still possible to make money on YouTube in 2023. On a faceless channel!

This allows you to create more work in less time without the need for editing skills, advanced software or equipment. You basically have nothing to lose.

Imagine a faceless YouTube channel. Try it!

Let's round up the 3 easiest ways to start a faceless YouTube channel in 2023:

Compilations. Pick your favorite niche  and start editing simple image slideshows and video clips. let's see where it goes. It doesn't take long and you only need to learn basic presentation tools like PowerPoint, Keynote, and Google Presentations.

Graffiti. If you have a little money to spend, consider a tool like Doodly and try out animated videos.

Prosperity. If you  have a little more time, check out Flourish. This free tool offers countless ways to create your own YouTube content.

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