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8 Communication Hacks for Younger Employees

8 Communication Hacks for Younger Employees to Appear More Mature in the Workplace.

Younger Employee

Do you hate it when people don't take you seriously? 

 When I started working as a 2

-year-old woman, I had a problem. to get attention? How to avoid getting fired for your height, gender, lack of wrinkles or gray hair? to be more influential. Within two years of being a product manager, I was promoted to lead a team of product managers. I am currently a student in her MBA at Stanford University Graduate School of Business.

These communication hacks can also help you look older and more influential.

1. Speak slower than it feels natural

If you speak too fast, it's as if you're afraid of being interrupted in other ways.

When I worry that my thoughts are not worthy of hearing, I am in a hurry. But how do you slow down... really? Speech coach Jamie Chapman says that telling yourself to speak slowly drains the energy of your speech.

Instead, Chapman suggests:

(a) selected word emphasis and he 

(b) intentional pauses. 2. Interrupted?

2. Did someone  take the floor for you while you were speaking?

Don't leave me alone. Let's bring back the words, "Can we finish?" No need to wait to pause. break the breaker. I first tried this in a role-play in a class at the Stanford MBA  Leadership Institute. I was blown away by how quickly it built my influence.

Next time, try "Can I quit?" If that's not enough, try  other tips from Wendy R.S. o'connor.

3. Explaining the big picture

What is obvious to you is often not so to others.

By explaining the big picture,  others can see it too. And if you're talking to someone you already know, help them figure out where your work fits in.

4. A member of the group  told me.

Be upfront, they say. That's what I do  when I'm in doubt.

However, Upspeak is losing credibility and influence. And it is unnecessary. If expressing anxiety is important, you can use words like "I think". You can even ask grammatically formulated questions.

Warning: The excitement of others is no excuse for denial. As leaders and colleagues, we should make an effort to listen to our colleagues, even if they use this language pattern.

Give your remarks the influence they deserve.

5. Provide structure with signposts

The use of signposts (that is, terms that provide structure and transitions) is a hack that immediately improves clarity.

Communication Coach Alexander Lyon explains how to use “first,” “second,” and “third” to indicate transitions between key points. He also describes classic transitions and what he calls summary transitions to help listeners when moving from one topic to the next.

signposts create clarity. And clarity is influential.

6. Cut the email lint

“Okay. When will the report be ready? – Jeff.”

Have you ever noticed how executives can write short direct emails like this? ?I tend to embellish my messages in fluffy formats such as "I love you," "I hope you're well," and "I hope you're well."

No procedure (in most cases) required.

7. Replace exclamation marks with periods

See how  an email full of exclamation marks looks younger:

Hello everyone. 

Look forward to tomorrow too! We celebrate success with cake! Be there tomorrow at 2pm!

See you soon! Why the exclamation point in ?

Hello everyone.

Please look forward to tomorrow as much as I do. We celebrate success with cake. Please be there tomorrow at 2pm.

See you soon.

8. Occupy physical space

Do you often cross your legs or hunched over? Open  your posture. Occupies more physical space.

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