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How To Use TikTok Marketing To Make Your Business Go VIRAL

TikTok is a traffic cannon with an interesting algorithm. What I learned after a few weeks of experimenting.

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After posting my 7th TikTok, something crazy happened. My newly active account set up to promote the Big Technology Podcast only had a few hundred followers, but the video was booming across the network. Within hours it reached 10,000 views, then 100,000, and the next day he surpassed 400,000. With a podcast, it would have taken months to reach so many people. On TikTok, it happened overnight.

In my three weeks of experimenting with TikTok, YouTube Shorts and Instagram Reels, I learned a lot about how these platforms work. The difference between them amazed me. Her power to spread the video was remarkable. And the opportunities to take advantage of their needs, if somewhat risky, seemed immense. 

This week, in a post from some of her TikTok experts, I share what I learned: 

TikTok is a cannon. 

TikTok captures videos that resonate with users and distributes them to thousands, if not millions, of viewers. The platform reminds me of Facebook in the mid-2010s. On Facebook, anything of reasonable value could find a large audience in its news feed. But this time, thanks to TikTok's algorithm, you don't need a huge following to get traffic. TikTok is so popular that  demand for high-quality videos far outstrips supply. Nick Cicero, vice president of strategy at digital analytics company Conviva, said: "Now there's a huge opportunity for people to get in." I found a similar dynamic in 

YouTube Shorts, but not  Instagram Reels (more on that later).

Enchanting Algorithm 

TikTok's algorithm seems to send all videos to a test group of users and, based on their reaction, decide whether to blow them up further. Analyst Nathan Baschez aptly names this “universal base distribution”. Every video I post on TikTok gets at least a few hundred views. Then it either fades away quickly, or it adds up to thousands of views. 

TikTok delivers posts categorized by traffic, said Zac Goodsir, co-founder of Supermix, the agency I work with on these videos. TikTok video views grow in an almost gradual pattern, from hundreds to thousands to tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands. Each time, the algorithm distributes, waits, evaluates, and  acts. This allows content from anyone to be widely distributed across the platform, regardless of: Consider the breadth of content in each recommendation to ensure your users' feeds are filled with relevant content. 

Instagram Liability 

Instagram does not appear to use this “universal base distribution” approach and relies on  follow charts. I made a new Instagram account and posted the same video as  TikTok. They never went anywhere. This may be because my account is new or had  few followers. But Instagram, which doesn't send reels from every account, means that users are missing out on potentially enjoyable videos, limiting their ability to satisfy. It also means people are less inclined to create  another liability there that could lead to poor content. We haven't seen results."

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