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Social Media Growth Secrets No One Wants To Talk

And You Know It Deep Down..

Photo by engin akyurt on Unsplash

Have you ever wondered why so many photos of half-naked women appear on the covers of self-help articles? Because they get clicks.

Randomly scrolls down the self-help section. what do you see? A cover of her 

featuring a sexy woman who has nothing to do with headlines.


A smash cut cover of a sexy woman lifting weights at the gym.

Points are:

  • Take cold showers
  • Eat red meat
  • Read a journal every day
  • Start reading one book a week

Okay, so... where was your rewarding part? I don't know - was it used as a model cover photo for Victoria's Secret?


And these writers don't care. they just want to click.

So what's the inconvenient truth about growing up on social media?

Attractive people thrive.

Of course it's not your fault, but that's the way things are.

This is what happened to me

God, I'm horrified and frightened, but I'm trying to prove something.

When I was in the Philippines and he had a Facebook page with 500,000 followers, I got a ton of messages like, "Why is she so GUAPO?"

comments too. 

It was noisy. like hell. Because I'm not even Guapo. I have a hooked nose the size of an oil rig.

After some time, when I started learning about Filipino culture, I realized that skin whitening products are widely available. There was even a place where you could get an IV for skin whitening. Maybe because many people found me attractive.

Look. I don't want to be an idiot here, but 20% of your comments were like, "Wow, Gapo, eh?" increase.

And I had to accept the reality that my appearance had a huge impact on my follower count.

I have a friend from the Philippines who is a fraction of my follower count and has made much better videos than mine.


Because I was a black Filipino

On the other hand, when a foreigner points a camera at himself in the Philippines, utters words, and uploads this video to his social media, it goes viral.

It's similar here in Mexico. All TV newscasters are white. Phew, why? 's looks have played an important role in the growth of social media, and I think it's time to acknowledge that truth.

So what?

"We have to protest against attractive people!"

No. You don't have to. why am i writing this what do you want to change?

I would like you to be a little more conscious. I see

million views on social media posts, but after reading it it's hard to add up why he got a million views.

Waste! Well, because they are hot. For the same reason, we see an inexperienced video game streamer gaining a massive audience on his Youtube, with videos of superficial ideas getting thousands of likes.

Charming play.

is playing all over the world, not just on social media.

We love to talk about white privilege. Let's take a moment and talk passionately about perks. Well, it doesn't sound as good as white privilege, but whatever.

Hot Privilege — Perks for being hot.

At the end of the day, I think social media should produce the best ideas, not the hottest people. If you're hot and happen to come up with a great idea, great!

But I don't think your looks should affect whether your post goes viral.

But we live in a more complicated world, don't we?

Social media has always been visual in nature. And when you're hot, you always have a huge edge over your competitors.

We want the best ideas to be known by more people than the hottest.

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