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The Comprehensive Guide on How to Find Your Style and Look for Life

How You Can Identify Your Personal Style Based on 7 Elements of Style ?

Identifying your personal style can be a challenging task, especially if you're not quite sure what your style is or what you're drawn to. However, understanding the seven elements of style can help you better understand your personal style and how to express it through your wardrobe.

The seven elements of style are color, pattern, texture, silhouette, proportion, line, and balance. Let's take a closer look at each one:



Info         : Light Academia is an academic aesthetic and a visually lighter counterpart to Dark Academia.


Info         : The bookstore girl aesthetic is an aesthetic that focuses on the love of reading and cozy bookstores. Many visual aspects include fall colors and images.


Info         : Kawaii (かいくい) is a Japanese expression and aesthetic that refers to a unique concept that affirms childish and beautiful things that make the heart flutter. Kawaii images come in a variety of colors, but are mostly associated with pastels, with white being the neutral and pink being the most popular color.


Info         : The adjective gothic describes something  characterized by mystery, terror and gloom.


Info         : Villaincore is an aesthetic that involves being yourself and doing whatever it takes to get what you want. Villaincore costumes can vary, with some preferring a "comic book villain" style.


Info         : Minimal fashion is simple and calm, without bold and bright colors like other aesthetics. Some  fashion features may include: plain t-shirts (usually white or gray), collared shirts, button-downs, belts, jeans, etc.


Info         : Old money is an aesthetic based on a rich classic style. Old money refers to people who  inherited their wealth rather than working for it. The key is understated elegance. The clothes may look plain or boring, but they are of high quality. Old Money style is sometimes confused with Prep, but the color palette is more muted and uses black and purple.

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