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2023 Writing Predictions

The Top Trends to Watch Out For

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stop writing forever, and hate in the comments. Here's why:

Twitter Money Honey

Elon Musk buys Twitter. I'm not mad about it.

Since he hijacked the platform, the platform has come to life. Writers are back. Elon said he did one thing that many people miss.

ad revenues will be shared with creators.

$8/month new Twitter membership earnings shared with creators.

He specifically said that monetization would be open to authors and creators, and that long-form content would eventually take center stage on the platform.If it doesn't blow up your pants, I don't know what will happen.

Simple tactic for 2023: Repost your best long-form content to Twitter.

LinkedIn Surprise Creators

I had a chill in my master class the other day.

It hit me: LinkedIn now offers 5 places to add a link to your website/newsletter.

Link in Bio

Link in Image

Link in Carousel Post

Link in Featured Area

Link in Comments (you can pin it) But last year we created a whole division dedicated to recruiting creators and preserving content. And it works.

has many more exciting features that we have previewed that will help anyone looking to make money online. Don't sleep in 2023 on LinkedIn.

AI Lighting Will Conquer The World

This scares many writers. But I don't care about stones.

AI Lighting Tools are great. A likely way to use them in 2023 is to have an AI create text  based on your question.The answer sounds like a Wikipedia entry (boring).

Then they either rewrite what the AI ​​wrote or get inspired by something else entirely. If this is strong, the AI ​​becomes a research assistant. We all know that better research means better writing.

You don't have to be as famous or successful as Ryan Holiday to hire a research assistant.

Another cool thing is that AI devalues ​​crappy content. Worst of all are SEO-written articles packed with keywords aimed at manipulating Google's search results.

AI can write this crap, so the value of this content will be zero in 2023.

How to defeat AI

AI slave master can be defeated in his writing game. Do you know how?

by focusing solely on your author's voice in 2023.

Add Slang 

Write Spoken

Add Personal Story

Add Emotion (AI Can't)

Vulnerable (AI Can't)

Hard To Say... But Your Mostly the voice of the writer. They all sound the same, but this is neither reason nor offensive.

Substack Full Discovery Comes

Substack is the premier newsletter platform on the web.

However, it is not clear why. Substack helps you find new readers through their recommendation engine. Instead of having a toxic newsfeed run by a technology overlord who can manipulate priorities, Substack puts authors and readers in control of discoverability.

I never expected this to happen, but it did. It makes sense.

I call this democratized discoverability. Substack has further plans to iterate  this feature and eliminate the reliance  on newsfeeds for authors to find new readers and retain existing ones.

For your information, Substack is currently giving me 20% of all new readers I get for free. This is a big deal. And these readers become mine as soon as they become part of my newsletter. Oh I can take them to the new platform.

Many authors may have overlooked the number of new features they add. I am amazed at their ability to understand what the creators want and  add those features quickly.

So far, the ability to hear my articles in your own voice is probably my favorite feature. It creates an intimacy between reader and author that trumps hot sex.

Please keep a close eye on Substack as a newsletter platform  and don't be a sleeper.

First Web3 Social Media Platform Comes to Life

Centralized management is a social media nightmare. As the Twitter file shows, tech brothers are able to remove content, ban people for no reason, and shape conversations around their biased ideals. Some call it technology-driven inequality/racism.

Web3 fixes this issue.

In 2022, or Bitclout seemed to come first. However, neither managed to gain significant user numbers or move beyond the topic of cryptography and his Web3.

More decentralized imitations of current writing platforms are being built. 2023 will be the year to pick up speed.

Cryptocurrencies/NFTs Will Not Die

The recession has been tough on cryptocurrencies/NFTs. But  like the dotcom bubble of the early 2000s, the whole sector will recover.

Expect More Creators In Third World Countries To Get Paid In Crypto And More Authors In Their Books And Content After Tim Ferriss And Mark Manson Experimented With His NFTS Expect to use his NFTS.

I also believe that the great success of NFTs on Reddit will spill over to other platforms such as LinkedIn and Instagram. Most people don't get the point of this section and get stuck with the monkey JPG use case. Using her NFT of, the author codifies copyright and lifetime royalties.

One big trend that will remain the same in 2023

One of the big trends that will remain the same is for writers  to act smart and continue to own their audiences. Do this on the mailing list. (Mine is just over 120,000). Maintain the value you create through the mailing list and never give it up in exchange for useless followers and likes. As my friend Gavin always says, "Make a list and email it."

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