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How to Make Thousands on YouTube with This Free Tool

Unbelievable: How to Make Thousands on YouTube with This Free Tool

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Sounds like a scam? But it's not.

This free tool is a great foundation for a variety of simple video formats that don't require recording or audio, and even better, it's been trending on YouTube for some time now.


Beautiful Dates

I honestly don't know why so many people watch these kinds of videos, but they do. That's the important part.

Animation We are talking about data visualization or animation statistics.

Let me give you a real life example.

Please watch this channel. It's called Data is Beautiful. And it's full of something called Animated Bar Chart Races. A type of video animation that visualizes large data tables. Virtually everything is covered, regardless of theme.

Here's the crazy part: According to estimates by Socialblade (which gives a pretty wide range of estimates for clarity), the Data Is Beautiful channel on YouTube makes from $5,000 a year to him $80,000.

Let's assume this is the case. So this channel can easily earn $30-$

40,000 a year from animation data videos.

But it gets even better. The channel was launched in 2017 and has only 58 videos uploaded in total. So this channel he earns 40,000 a year with 58 videos in 5 years.


Let's talk about free tools you can use for this type of video.

The name of this website is

This page allows you to select various visualization formats and options. From maps to charts to animated graphics.

What you're looking for here is a guy named Bar He Charts He's Race.

bar chart race

This format provides beautifully animated bar charts for any topic. Just enter your data points.

Where do you get the data from?

Here's where it gets tricky. There are several possibilities:

You can create the data yourself. Suppose you want a bar chart to compete on the evolution of Covid from the early days to  the present around the world. Great idea actually. Don't steal it :-) - Look up all the numbers from the WHO page and enter: them  manually. It takes a lot of time.

Find ready-to-use dated spreadsheets. There are many websites that provide data on various topics in the form of .csv files that can be uploaded directly into Flourish for use in  bar chart races.

I did both. For smaller issues, I collected the data myself. For example, I made a video about the  evolution of humans from early apes to humans.  I collected the data points myself and entered them manually. In this case it's a different form called line chart race, but the idea is the same.

I've also used pre-populated spreadsheets in other projects, including data on crime rates and population growth. If you google these, you will find many data sources.

Bottom Line

People often ask what a faceless YouTube channel is, how to build one, and what to create.

Flourish is a great free tool for many types of videos. All of this doesn't require recording, speaking, or much editing. There's a bit of a learning curve, but once you get the hang of it you'll see just how much you can do with Flourish. It also makes a lot of money, as you can see from the Data is Beautiful channel.

This is just a way to create a YouTube video and build a faceless channel without actually "creating" the video. In another post, I highlighted four more ways to do this.

The moral of the story is that you don't have to be a "traditional" blogger to be successful on YouTube. A job that requires hours of work in front of and behind the camera and video editing skills.

Conversely, some of the most successful channels on YouTube are actually faceless. you will be surprised

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